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Rough Lumber

Woodworkers love rough cut lumber for a number of reasons. It is usually sold at a fraction of the cost of finished lumber, and it is available much thicker than finished cuts. Although rough cut lumber does not look as good as finished lumber, it does give the skilled woodworker more of a margin for error while saving money at the same time. Many do it yourselfers and woodworkers are turning to rough cut lumber, then, as a way to stretch their project dollars and ensure they work with quality materials.

Rough cut lumber is, simply put, lumber which skips a step or two of the finishing process when it is milled at a saw mill. Instead of being smoothed and then dried like commercial lumber, rough cut lumber is simply cut from green wood and then shipped to retailers. Because it has not been finished, it is left with a very rough surface. It is also cut a little thicker than commercial lumber, so that it can dry and be surfaced.

standard lengths & widths of quality Red Pine and White Pine always available


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